2018 Back-to-School Shopping Tips

The new school year is quickly approaching.  Have you put together your shopping list for the upcoming Virginia Sales Tax Holiday August 3-5, 2018?  Before you go out shopping this weekend Legacy would like to share a few Back-to-School Shopping Tips for parents who recently enrolled their child/children in a public or private school with a uniform dress code policy.

Tip #1: Look in your child’s closet before purchasing any new uniforms.  Your child may already have clothes acceptable for the school’s uniform program.  You don’t have to buy all new clothes, buy what you need.

Tip #2: Purchase durable easy to care for uniforms.  Cheap isn’t always better. I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, “You get what you pay for.”  It’s worth paying $1 – $2 more for a quality product that won’t have to be replaced two-weeks later!  For boys try to purchase pants with the re-enforced or double knee.

Tip #3: If your child’s school allows dark colors, purchase them.  White polos and khaki pants look great until you get a nasty stain that just won’t come out.  Navy or black bottoms almost never shows a stain.

Tip #4: Try different brands of uniforms.  With school uniforms, don’t be brand loyal until you have tried out several. What might seem good enough you’ll soon realize can be a lot better.  You’ll also discover the sizing is very different between brands. Use this to your advantage.

Tip #5: Don’t forget about growth spurts.  When sizing uniforms for your child give them an extra inch or two in the waist and length for those unexpected growth spurts, as long their uniforms don’t look too big and sloppy.

Tip #6: I know this is a no-brainer, but there are better times during the year to shop for school uniforms. Back to school season is always good, but if you are looking for long sleeved polos for example, the end of the winter season is a great time to pick up some that have been marked down 50-80%. Shorts can be picked up for a great deal in the early fall. If you shop around throughout the year, you’ll discover what’s a good price for uniforms in area.

Tip #7: Donate the uniforms that your child has outgrown.  Back in 2006 Legacy started a small “Uniform Closet” at the store to bless those who couldn’t afford to purchase school uniforms for whatever reason.  As an added incentive to get parents to donate their gently used uniforms rather than throwing them out Legacy offers parents a 10% discount off of their new purchase of school uniforms. The school uniforms that are donated to us are disseminated freely throughout the community on a first come basis.  Recycling uniforms not only keeps the uniform program strong; it teaches students the value of giving to others in need.

We hope these tips have been useful!  If you still have additional questions in reference to purchasing school uniforms or would like for us to come out to your school to share some of the benefits of having a school uniform program please feel free to contact us at (757) 848-5348 or via email at legacyschool_careerapparel@verizon.net.