Act Legal Brighton

Act Legal is an established law firm based in Brighton with clients in Sussex, London and the South East of England. We specialize in private clients and real estate work. Our team of private clients can competently advise you on a variety of matters, including drafting wills, estate administration, fiduciary law, powers of attorney and mental disability issues. Thanks to our professional staff, we are also able to offer financial and investment advice. Unfortunately, Act Legal Ltd does not currently accept new customers through ReviewSolicitors. To help you get expert legal advice as soon as possible, one of our employees can recommend another highly rated law firm that accepts new clients and forwards your request to them. They will then contact you to confirm your appointment. We will also send you an email with the details of the new company. If you are from ACT Legal and would like to update your content, please click here The data listed above is based on customer reviews and feedback collected by ReviewSolicitors over the past 12 months. You may want to discover a law firm with an established and proven reputation on ReviewSolicitors ReviewSolicitors holds lists for all law firms in England and Wales that contain basic data provided by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. The following rankings show the areas of expertise that Act Legal Ltd offers to its clients.

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