Agency of the Legal Information Vorobyovy Gory Jsc

The Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) denied reports that the Russian Federation was considering supplying Algeria with Su-32 bombers (an export version of the Su-34 bomber). The Russian Agency for Legal and Judicial Information (Russian: Российское агентство правовой и судебной информации), abbreviated in Russian as РАПСИ (RAPSI), is a Russian news agency specializing in news related to Russian judicial activity. It is a 25-storey building with a total area of 106.33 thousand square meters. Meters at Leninsky Prospekt, 32A. Until now, it was believed that the building was located in the administration of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in the balance sheet of which it appears. But as the audit revealed, the academy`s land and legal relationships have not been formalized either for the building or for the land below (4.9 hectares). In addition, the website is not included in the register of federal property, and the property of the Russian Federation is not registered. During the summer, the Russian Academy of Sciences tried to formalize the rights to the building. But the Rosreestr department in Moscow refused because there were no documents confirming the emergence of property rights.

The department did the same. Land resources Moscow. The Russian Academy of Sciences is surprised by the appearance in the media of information that the famous building on Sparrow Hills has no owner. The Russian Agency for Legal and Judicial Information collects reports based on the work of its own correspondents and public relations services of Russian courts, other bodies of the Russian State, the Federal Bar Association of the Russian Federation, the Federal Chamber of Notaries, etc. The agency`s correspondents report from the courtroom on high-profile cases, interview an expert, prepare summaries of court records, invoices and other legal documents understandable to non-lawyers. The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN) has no ownership rights to its Vorobyovy Gory monument and could lose the premises to a new federal agency for scientific affairs, according to a report on Friday. “I was surprised to see a message that the building was supposed to be abandoned and was not on the state property register. I was sure it was some kind of mistake, and I was assured that there were documents,” he told Interfax news agency on Friday to academician Alexander Nekipelov, vice president of the Russian Academy of Sciences for more than a decade.

Kommersant`s source in the department admitted that the Russian Academy of Sciences, as the copyright owner, had not registered the property rights of the Russian Federation, although it was obliged to do so. “It`s a legacy of the old days,” says the newspaper`s interlocutor. “To formalize the rights of the Russian Federation to the land, we need to carry out a set of technical works, in particular the survey of the site. We will oblige the new copyright holder, the property management agency of the Russian Academy of Sciences, to do so. The head of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladimir Fortov, believes that the Academy legally disposes of the building on the Leninsky Prospekt, because “it was originally built for the Academy.” He explained that he knew nothing about the test and its conclusions. The Bundesanstalt für Eigentum makes no secret of the fact that the inspection was carried out within the framework of FASO mediation plans. In accordance with the Law on the Reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Agency manages the property and scientific institutes of the Academy. The department was established on September 27 by a presidential decree and is under construction, but it is already known that it will be located in the squares of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the Leninsky Prospect. They are expected to free up 12 academic institutions and scientific centers. They occupy about 12,000 square meters. Meters in the building, according to the materials of the Federal Institute of Real Estate.

The remaining 18,000 square meters. The meters are used by 67 third-party organizations. The newly created agency should have no difficulty in evicting tenants if such a decision is made, lawyers interviewed by the newspaper noted. It was established on 10 February 2009 by RIA Novosti, the Constitutional Court of Russia, the Supreme Court of Russia and the Supreme Court of Arbitration of Russia[1] and on 20 August 2009 it was registered in the Unified State Register of Legal Persons of Russia as an autonomous non-commercial organisation with the assignment of the main registration number of the State 1097799014246[2] and the tax identification number 7704276230. [3] Its number in the All-Russian classifier of enterprises and organizations managed by the Statistical Service of the Federal State is 94160342. [4] The Russian Agency for Legal and Judicial Information was established on August 8. April 2014 registered as a news agency by the Federal Service for The Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Registration Certificate ИА No. ФС 77-57654). [5] In search of space for the scientific organizations of the Federal Agency (FASO), which was created to manage the property of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SAR), the Federal Agency for Property Management made an unexpected discovery. During the tour of the Academy`s properties, it turned out that the Sparrow Hills building, colloquially called “Brains”, does not belong to anyone, reports “Kommersant”.

In RAS, this information. The building, nicknamed “the brains” because of its geometrically gilded ornate sculpture on top, has been inhabited by the Academy since its construction in the 1960s. But during an investigation last month, state real estate officials found that RAN has no legal rights to the building or its land, and that the property is not registered in the federal property registry. Part of the water surface of the Caspian Bay of the Caspian Sea was granted to the Russian military detachment for 20 years for separate use to ensure the defense and security of the country`s state. The building of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SAR) in Moscow at Leninsky Prospekt, 32a, is popularly called “Golden Brains”. Many citizens often pass or swim along the Moscow River, but only a few were inside! The building received its popular name because of the large metal structure carved in the form of a huge golden crown on the roof. The Ministry of Defense completes the formation of the Primorje air defense structure “Perhaps there are problems at the site that have not been completely solved – it is possible. But as far as the building is concerned, the building is at the disposal of the Academy of Sciences and is registered as a state community,” he said.

No one has ever had any doubts about the owner of the building, it`s just some kind of misunderstanding,” the source said. The Moscow Art Deco Museum opened its doors to visitors on December 19, 2014. The exhibition focuses on the collection of Mkrtich Okroyan. An important part of the collection presented is a decorative sculpture in bronze and ivory, as well as furniture and decorative panels. I`m warning you! The restaurant is cozy and nice, but with special features.